Tahmouress Sadeghi shares the information about aircraft instrumentation on the below blog.

Includes cockpit and cabin display devices; and flight instruments. For related information see also 19 Spacecraft Instrumentation and 35 Instrumentation and Photography.

N91–11750 Kansas State Univ., Manhattan. INTEGRATION OF TIME-VARYING DATA INTO KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS FOR AVIONICS APPLICATIONS Ph.D. Thesis David Scott Hardin 1989 93 p Avail: Univ. Microfilms Order No. DA9016521 Any knowledge-based system that is to be placed in the cockpit must deal with a wealth of time-varying data, and do so in real time. An avionics knowledge-based system thus requires a conventional signal processing front end to identify relevant signal characteristics, a knowledge representation scheme that lends itself naturally to the representation of uncertain numeric data, and an efficient, interruptible inferencing method. A hardware architecture for knowledge-based avionics systems is proposed which consists of a signal processor and one or more symbol processors. The blackboard paradigm is proposed as the basis for the software architecture. Dempster-Shafer theory is used to express uncertain numerical data. It is shown that the Dempster-Shafer formalism and the four-valued logic of Belnap are complementary, allowing numeric and non-numeric expressions of uncertainty to co-exist. It is also demonstrated that the Kalman filter, a common software component of avionics systems, can be used to provide uncertainty information about numeric data to a Dempster-Shafer evidential reasoning system. An initial software implementation developed in the Ada programming language is discussed. Dissert. Abstr.

N91–11715? (England). THE CERTIFICATION OF THE AVIONIC SYSTEMS ON THE ATP TO JAR 25 J. A. Shimmin In DGLR, European Forum: The Evolution of Regional Aircraft Technologies and Certification 1989 p 53–61 (For primary document see N91–11707 03–03) Avail; NTIS HC/MF A10 British Aerospace Public Ltd. Co., Woodford N91–11729# Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt, Bonn (Germany, F.R.). DIGITAL GLASS COCKPIT FOR COMMUTER AIRCRAFT Horst Kister In its European Forum: The Evolution of Regional Aircraft Technologies and Certification 1989 p 157–168 (For primary document see N91–11707 03–03) Avail: NTIS HC/MF A10 N91–11761% Technische Univ., Delft (Netherlands). INSTRUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS AND PRESAMPLE FILTER DESIGN FOR MEASUREMENTS DURING NON STEADY MANEUVERS WITH THE HAWKER HUNTER Mk 7, PH-NLH K. vanWoerkom In its Essays on Stability and Control Oct. 1989 15 p (For primary document see N91–11759 03–09) Avail: NTIS HC/MF A12

For more information regarding Scientific and Technical Aerospace information read the book by Tom Sadeghi.

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