Tahmouress Sadeghi | Trends in the Aerospace Industry

It’s not a cliche to reflect on this: ever since the Wright Brothers’ efforts culminated in successfully realizing collective human the fantasy of aviation, it’s changed the human race’s entire concept of communication, actually we’ll not conceive our present world without it. the arrival of reaction propulsion, supersonic speed travel, bleedless architecture for improved aerodynamics, the replacement of manual flight controls with digital, Fly-by-Wire (FBW) systems and therefore the evolution of advanced cockpit display, avionics, and in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems mark various watersheds within the long and movie perfect journey of how far the aerospace industry has evolved within the last 100 years.
Taking a leaf from the historical points of significance, here we take a look into robust trends which may definitely change the face of aviation within the approaching one or 20 years.

  • Increasing operational safety with sophisticated, back-end software resulting in the redundancy of control towers – Engineers working for vanguard aerospace companies like Ramco, Rockwell Collins, BAE, Safran and Thales Group has witnessed how future flights would be tons safer than they’re present. This makes perfect sense as we’ve certainly come an extended way from the 60s-80s era which saws an outsized number of avoidable accidents but aviation isn’t yet faraway from being disaster-proof. at the present, control towers are wont to guide the pilot during ascent, descent, and mid-flight maneuvers. alongside the talents set of flight engineers and pilots, the particular conditions of the airport, weather and unavoidable factor of “bird hits” play the maximum amount of a task in how safe the aircraft would cause you to feel mid-sky. it’s not uncommon for passengers to share their own stories of jittery mid-air experiences and escapades with turbulence.

All that now may become a thing of the past with the growing utilization of system-independent software which does not depend on the condition of the aircraft. Once the designs and development is completed, these back-end systems will become a true life-saver as they’re going to provide the pilot “extra eyes” to depend upon foreseeing potential dangers well before time (through satellite tracking) and enhanced surveillance capabilities. Wouldn’t one feel safer knowing that the airline has taken care to make sure safety by monitoring the flight movements right down to the fraction of a neighborhood.

  • Communication between aircraft – For anyone with interest in maritime lore, ships have always had mechanisms to speak with one another – SOS signals etc. However, aircraft need to still depend upon control towers to know their relative positioning with reference to other aircraft. With the arrival of advanced guidance mechanisms as per regulatory norms like DO-254, DO-178B to DO-178C, DO-160, and ARP-4754, it’s just a matter of your time by which there’ll be universal adoption of intra-aircraft communication mechanisms. Imagine the 2 pilots of intersecting aircraft communicating “relative speeds”, “coordinates” and weather with one another, and not colliding out of confusion.
  • Usage of sensor technology – With the growing popularity of 3D imaging, optical technology, and other sensors integrated with the aircraft, it’s possible to reach relatively innovative and powerful algorithms to detect, locate and measure objects in their field of purview.
  • Usage of BI and Analytics tools – within the future, most data of aircraft transitioning would be positioned within the Cloud with tools like MongoDB, Tableau, JasperSoft, Spotfire and more giving more credible and accurate assessment of the larger picture governing aircraft flight conditions, passenger records, and more. This has huge implications in areas like aviation security, prevention of hijacking and terrorism incidents and achievement of timely operational procedures.

Tahmouress Sadeghi is an Aerospace Consultant for more information about Aerospace Industry follow Tahmouress Sadeghi Blog.

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