Tahmouress Sadeghi | Wide ranges of services offered by an aviation consultant

There are wide ranges of services that an aviation consultant offers to the aviation sector. Whether it is engineering to advisory services, an aviation consultant is given the responsibilities of all. The aviation consultant should be knowledgeable, and he should be updated with the current market trends that are happening in the aviation sector. An aviation consultant should have good analytical skills that are necessary to interpret different information in order to make future recommendations to the clients. In addition, an aviation consultant should be a good communicator so that he can make his instructions and recommendations clear to his clients.

Tahmouress Sadeghi is a specialist in the Aviation sector, and he holds good knowledge of Aerospace electronics, Command, and Control Architecture, Flight and Jet Engine, and Critical Systems and Computers. Throughout his life, Tom Sadeghi lived in New York, and now he has shifted to the great city of Boston, offering his services to the nearby located aerospace electronics companies. Tahmouress Sadeghi has a huge 30 years of experience of working in different aerospace industries. He started his career working as a Computer and Control engineer and progressed as manager of advanced flight control in the department of General Electric Control Systems. He has also worked as a technical Director for First Air Force. Throughout his career, Dr. Tom has worked for various posts like R&D Engineer in the Fairchild Republic, Program Manager for X33 vehicle monitoring system for Lockheed Martin, and Manager of Advance flight control in General Electric Aircraft Control systems. Dr. Tom has provided his services as an aviation consultant for many aviation companies like ARINC, MacDonald-Douglas, Northrop-Grumman, and Allied Signals.

Tahmouress Sadeghi worked as a technical lead in First Air Force. He started working in ACTD (Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration) a year before the attack of 9/11. Just after a day of the attack, the ACMD system was deployed. Tahmouress Sadeghi, along with his team, contributed to transforming the ACMD system to Integrated Air Defense Systems.Tom is one of the best aviation consultants that any aviation company can get. He knows his responsibilities well and understands the expectations of his clients. Because of his hard work and dedication, tom produces the results that his clients expect him to.

Tahmouress Sadeghi is an Aerospace Consultant for more information about Aerospace Industry follow Tahmouress Sadeghi Blog.

For more information visit:- https://tomsadeghi.blogspot.com

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