Tahmouress Sadeghi | Tom Sadeghi, Massachusetts | Working of aviation consultant

The aviation sector has a lot of work that needs urgency, so an aviation consultant needs to be available all the time. He should be knowledgeable and should have good communication skills. Before giving any advice, an aviation consultant should do a proper case assessment in order to produce the results that are much desired. There are many functions that an aviation consultant performs, like designing, advising, and engineering.

Dr. Tom Sadeghi was a true New Yorker who spent most of his life in New York and serving the aviation sector there. He has now moved to the City of Boston, where he is ready to offer his expertise to the local aviation sector. Dr. Tom has 30 years of working experience in various aerospace industries. He started working as a Computer and Control engineer and later on progressed to become Manager of Advanced flight Control.

Tom Sadeghi has worked as an R&D Engineer for the Fairchild Republic, as a manager of flight control for General Electric Aircraft Control Systems and as a Program Manager for the X33 vehicle monitoring system. He has also worked for many companies like MacDonald Douglas, Garrett Engine, Northrop-Grumman, Allied Signals, ARINC, and many more.

Tom Sadeghi Massachusetts was firstly hired by First Air Force, and there, he contributed to developing Area Cruise Missile Defense (ACMD) under First Air Force Initiative called Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD). The work in the project started a year before the attack, and the ACMD system was deployed two days after the attack. Dr. Tom also contributed to the transformation of the ACMD system into Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS). Considering all the knowledge that Tahmouress Sadeghi possesses, it’s easy to say that no one is as good an aviation consultant as Dr. Tom Sadeghi.

Tahmouress Sadeghi, Tom Sadeghi is an Aerospace Consultant for more information about Aerospace Industry follow Tahmouress Sadeghi Blog.

For more information visit:- https://tomsadeghi.blogspot.com

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