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The need for an aviation consultant is much felt in today’s aviation industry. Aviation consultants work with the aviation industry, where they have to deal with the clients on a daily basis. Therefore, they should have good communication skills along with great interpersonal skills. Aviation consultants should know what their clients need so that they can offer what really is required. The best plan is the one which have the potential of getting successful in the future and which is formulated according to the wish of the client. Therefore, an aviation consultant should first perform an assessment before formulating a plan for his clients. The right planning and great experience is the key to being a good aviation consultant.

Dr. Tom Sadeghi is a great aviation consultant who offers his valuable services in the aviation industry. For most of his life, he has been in New York and has now shifted to Boston City, where he will be sharing his experience and knowledge with other aviation companies nearby. Tom Sadeghi has 30 years of experience, which is huge when compared to his competitors. He has worked in many companies in States, including Garrett Engine, Allied Signals, Northrop Grumman and MacDonald Douglas, etc.

He started his career as a Control and Computer Engineer and moved up to become a manager of advance flight control. He also served First Air Force as a technical lead where he contributed to the development of an Area Cruise Missile Defense under the First Force Initiative. The work of the project started a year before the attack of 9/11. The ACMD system got deployed just after the second day of the attack. Tahmouress Sadeghi remained a technical lead for many years for First Air Force. He is responsible for the transformation of the ACMD system into Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS).

The work that Tom Sadeghi, Massachusetts, has done is commendable. He has contributed a lot to the firms he has worked with. He is one of the most talented and knowledgeable aviation consultants that one can get. His work has been admired by every aviation company he has worked with.

Tahmouress Sadeghi, Tom Sadeghi is an Aerospace Consultant for more information about Aerospace Industry follow Tahmouress Sadeghi Blog.

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