Tom Sadeghi | A Short Summary Of Aviation

Aviation is that the field of flying aircraft, usually ones that are heavier than air. The field features a long history, tracing its roots to balloons and other primitive-type flying machines. In today’s modern age, it includes everything from the building and designing of planes to the regulatory systems used to control these planes.

Civil aviation involves the flying of most commercial planes that folks are passengers on for either business or pleasure. This is what many of us consider when asked about the profession. The jumbo jets are included here, and the airlines that use them are very important sectors of the economies in many different nations.

Military aviation, quite apart from civil, includes the bulk of the military planes that transport troops and actually fight in combat. These planes are usually very different from their civil cousins, as they are often equipped with advanced weaponry and very sensitive technology. Many of these planes earn back their construction costs in war zones, where they are depended on to be reliable.

Even such endeavors as hang gliding can be described as a form of aviation-type endeavor. Hang gliders are unpowered and give people the ability to soar for hours in the air, often traveling very far in the process. It is a form of freedom, and is obviously quite different than taking a normal cross-country flight in a regular airplane.

Most people who end up as pilots will likely have had a love for flying since they were little kids. Pilots go through many hours of rigorous study, both inside the classroom and in the pilot’s seat with a professional, before they move on to handle a plane themselves. They’re an important part of today’s industry and take pride in what they do.

Air traffic controllers are also an important part of the industry. The job is a stressful one for a reason. Controllers are responsible, with the assistance of the pilots they’re directing, for the security of all planes within the area. Thus, they are the ones who are charged with preventing accidents and avoiding mishaps. They must be on the ball at all times.

Ultimately the sector of aviation may be a broad one and encompasses many various people doing many various things. Whether civil or military, or maybe private, the sector embraces the art of flying and therefore the design and construction of planes that meet the requirements of the many disparate groups.

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