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Aviation Careers

Aviation is very fascinating profession. It has major impact on financial condition of world. Aviation industry not only include pilot/flyers only, all others working beyond the cockpit also are belong to aviation. Aviation professionals works in several departments of aviation industry. These departments include aircraft design, system engineering, test piloting, search and rescue, human factors, traffic control, jet mechanics, engineering, computer systems, airport management, space exploration and customer service. You will explore ample opportunities in aviation industry. Aviation or aerospace industry can broadly divided into:

o Flight operations
o Airport management
o Air traffic and navigation services
o Aviation maintenance and repair
o Passenger and freight services
o Ground handling and emergency services
o Weather services
o Design and construction
o Aviation law
o Communication
o Legislation and enforcement
o Aviation administration
o Ancillary services
o Aviation safety
o Miscellaneous functions
o Aviation Medicine

Airline Careers

Airlines are considered together of the most important employer in economic industry. People might imagine that airline careers are limited pilots and flight attendants. The situation is entirely different numbers of careers are available in airline. High school students to school degree holders with specialized training in aviation can join different careers in airline. Following are some careers in airline.

o Airport Manager
o Fixed-base Operator Manager
o Line person
o Station Manager
o Scheduling Coordinator
o Flight Dispatcher
o Air Traffic Controller
o Safety Inspector
o Concession Workers
o Fire and Crash Rescue
o Ground Attendant
o Ramp Service Personnel
o Cabin Maintenance Mechanic
o Ramp Planner
o Customer Service Representative
o Ticket Agent
o Reservation Sales Agent
o Flight Attendant
o Baggage Handler
o Sky Cap
o Cargo Handler
o Air Freight/Cargo Agent
o Passenger Service Agent

Engineering Careers

Engineers play several roles in aircraft manufacturing. Students with college degrees and specific technical training can join engineering careers in aviation. Following are some engineering careers in aviation.

o Manufacturing Engineers
o Aeronautical, Aerospace, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineers

Pilot Careers

Many options also are available for pilots aside from airlines. Commercial pilot certificate, second class medical certificate and specialized training are necessary to hitch aviation as pilot. Airline Transport Rating and first-class medical certificates also are prerequisite to hitch aviation as pilot for a few pilot careers. Different pilot careers are available in aviation include following

o Agriculture Pilot
o Air Traffic Reporting Pilot
o Airline Pilot
o Helicopter Pilot
o Corporate Pilot
o Air Taxi Pilot
o Flight Instructor
o Military Pilot
o Astronaut

Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing

Aircraft manufacturing companies assemble big variety of aircraft like Boeing and Airbus, Pilatus, Cessna and Eclipse. These aircraft manufacturing companies offer many careers in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance in aviation industry. Working as professional in aircraft maintenance & manufacturing you’ll be designing airplanes of tomorrow from single-engine personal aircraft to large aircraft. Highly skilled engineers and technician are eligible to hitch this career. College degree holders can work as engineer while technician, mechanics and assemblers are required to possess highschool diploma. Avionics specialist is additionally very demanding career in aviation. Avionics specialist installs and service aircraft electronic. Following is that the list of important careers available in aircraft maintenance & manufacturing.

o Airframe or Power Plant Mechanic
o Avionics Specialist
o Electrical Installers & Technician
o Tool, Jig & Fixture Maker
o Machine Tool Operator
o Sheet Metal Fabrication
o Assembly Installation
o Quality Control Technician

Government Careers for Aviation Professional

U.S. government provides number of opportunities in aviation industry. Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation Safety Administration (NTSB) and therefore the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are the most important government employer providing jobs for aviation professionals. Career opportunities available in government for aviation specialist are as follows

o Accident Investigator
o Aeronautical Engineer
o Aerospace Engineers
o Air Traffic Controller
o Aviation Attorney
o Information Systems Specialist
o Operations Supervisor
o Safety Inspector
o Security Specialist
o Technicians (Avionics/Electronics)

Salary Information for Various Careers in Aviation

Following is that the average per annum salary information for a few careers in aviation.

o Airport Careers can earn year from $30821 to 91,563
o Avionic specialist can earn from $40,000 to $70,000
o Engineering and Aerospace can earn from $24,000 to $200,000
o Pilot can earn from $16,000 to $140,340

Aviation profession is vital part of modern society. Demand for qualified professionals is increasing day by day for various careers within the field of aviation. Aviation industry offers number of aviation career opportunities to personals with diverse interest, skills and backgrounds. It depends on personal interest which career you would like to hitch in aviation industry. To become professional in any field of aviation you’ve got to realize any degree within the field of aviation sciences. Different degrees from entry level to advance level are available in aviation.

These degrees include associate in aviation, bachelors in aviation, and masters in aviation. You can earn any degree consistent with your need. If you’re fresh student and need to enter within the field of aviation you’ll join associates degree in aviation. But if you’re in middle of your career in aviation and you would like to enhance your skills bachelors and master degree in aviation is best for you. These two degrees upgrade your knowledge and skills. Now it has become very easy to gain these degrees. If you’re unable to realize degree in traditional manner you’ll choose online degrees in aviation.

Different top accredited online universities and online colleges offer online degrees in aviation. Online degrees available within the field of aviation include Online Associates in Aviation, Online Bachelors in Aviation and Online Masters in Aviation.

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Tahmouress Sadeghi is the best Aerospace Consultant for more information or Updates follow his blogs.


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