Tahmouress Sadeghi | Types of Aerospace Jobs

The Aerospace industry can also encompass the Aviation field and is a highly technical sector. There are many types of aerospace jobs that vary in the extent of the required skill set. You could find yourself in the aircraft, military, space market place where there are a multitude of roles in what can be a very exciting career. The Aerospace industry is active with both the defence and travel sectors having bright futures.

Aerospace Engineer Jobs

This is involved largely in the design, testing and production of aviation and aerospace products. Some engineers specialise in specific areas such as working on aeroplanes whereas others may work on missiles or other weapons.

Aerospace Technician

Technicians often have the role of supporting the engineers in the research and design of products and testing their effectiveness. They will also take on many of the technical engineering tasks.

Computer Scientists

Lets face it. Computers are used in every industry but they are vitally important in the design and manufacturing of new aerospace products. These range from systems analysts, database admin, software engineers and operators who will run the systems used in the manufacturing and testing of aviation products.

Aerospace Inspectors

This is the quality control part of the industry which as you can imagine is vital to the businesses producing aerospace equipment and products. They are very important and experience is required in the engineering side of the industry.


Jobs here centre around physically making the components through computer aided machines and design blue prints. Employees in these jobs roles are skilled at tool making and die and cast making.


As with any industry sector, you will require management in order to keep the process working and coming in on budget. These include finance, accounts, department managers and human resources. Industry experience is not essential for these roles, but it would most likely be advantageous.


Specific skills in aerospace design keeps the industry going. University courses and specialised apprenticeships mean that there are designers who have experience and qualifications in aerospace and aviation computer aided design.

So as you can see there are a large number of jobs in the aerospace industry each with their own set of skills. There are many other jobs that come into the industry and some will be within the government or military but there are many commercial firms too where your skills would be required.

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