Tahmouress Sadeghi

Tahmouress Sadeghi is the best computer and electrical engineer. He has also done Ph.D in computer and electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Tahmouress Sadeghi | Importance Of The Aerospace Industry in Modern Times

 In today’s world science has improved beyond our imagination. It has a great impact on the everyday aspects of our lives. Even we are flying away from the atmosphere of the earth through the developments of science. Aerospace is something like that. With that human effort in science, engineering and business are able to flyContinue reading “Tahmouress Sadeghi | Importance Of The Aerospace Industry in Modern Times”

Tahmouress Sadeghi | Flying High in the Aviation Industry

Courses for the Aviation Sector The aviation industry is ever growing. With new airports being built and new airline services starting in every country, there is a demand for professionals who meet industry requirements. Since this industry mostly works on technical-knowhow and human interactions, obtaining the right training from the right place gives an addedContinue reading “Tahmouress Sadeghi | Flying High in the Aviation Industry”

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